Good to know we were on to something with the sponsored Maclaren stroller company project I worked on in 2002.  STOKKE introduced their first stroller to the US in 2003 ( based on similar key insights that aligned with their approach to children's furniture that helps build a bond with parents by allowing babies to be at eye level with the goal of increasing parent-child interaction (STOKKE's latest 2012 model is featured below for reference).

Below are sketches of mine based on a few key insights:

  1. Parents love the feeling of using a jogging stroller.
  2. While they love the feeling and ride quality, maneuverability is key and the front wheel(s) must pivot.
  3. Children love being on the same eye level as adults and there were no strollers that allow a child a good vantage point. 
  4. Parents and children's needs for a stroller change as the child grows older.